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The musical film Hairspray, produced in 2007 is a suitable representation of relevant social and historical issues occurring in the years of 1960s. The main aspect portrayed in this musical regarding historical controversies is racism among blacks and whites. During the years in which this film is enacting, discrimination against race and other matters were common. When the character Tracy Turnblad discovers a lead opening in her favorite TV show, The Corny Collins Show, she decides to audition for an appearance. When she arrives at the audiotion for The Corny Collins Show, which is a higly racially segregated program, she is rejected. Velma, the manager of the show rejects Tracy only because of her obese figure and the fact that she is a supporting advocate for intergration amongst races. The Corny Collins Show permits black people on their show on a designate day know as “Negro Day” held the last Thursday of each month. This racist act demontrates the lack of rights granted towards black indivisuals, particulary during this age in time. When Velma suddenly chooses to cancel “Negro Day” Tracy along with the other members of that groups begin to protest against societies racist acts. They create a protest march which serves as a parody towrads the march in Alabama led by Malcom X. Velma, also known as the atagonist of this film arranges a police roadblock, resulting to the arrests of all the protesters. With eachothers help they were all able to escape in time for the Miss Teenage Hairspray dance contest. When Tracy arrives for the musical number, “You Cant Stop the Beat ” the contestants, both black and white unite as they sing and dance together for the first time in history. Everyone is shocked by the unity of races. Little Inez, a black indiviaul, ends up winning the paegant, officially integrating The Corny Collins Show. The entire plot conveys the beginning era of blacks and whites uniting progressively. Although many areas in America continued to segregate blacks theyre were also many areas that intergrated them aswell. Due to powerful black leaders who protested against inequality and racism they were able to gain rights .

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