Ethics in College Admissions
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Most state colleges, as well as, private colleges are asking that prospective students submit an essay based on certain criteria before they can even begin the admissions process. When an essay is written by the prospective student at least two college employees may read the paper and decide based on what the person wrote if they should be admitted to the college. These essays can range from extracurricular activities to why they want to go to the college. This practice is interesting for the simple fact of personal taste. That is, the prospective students extracurricular activities, writing styles, or communication skills are being personally judged. Therefore, if any or all of the students styles are not to the liking of the judge or up to the readers standards, they might not be admitted or be allowed to proceed in the application process. Some students have the problem of submitting applications to numerous colleges and may not have the time to personalize each essay to fit all the colleges they are trying to apply to. Thus, having an abundant amount of information in their essay, this may not be personalized enough for each independent college. Therefore, the student may be overlooked.

Ethics in College Admissions
For many people deciding which college to attend is already a highly stressful experience. Nowadays there are many guidelines, procedures and steps that have to be followed that students dont know what to do, have many questions and may not know where to turn for advice or for their questions to be answered. Some colleges have adopted affirmative action plans to help create a procedure with accepting a diverse group of students. As well as, many colleges require admission essays and/or admission testing; both of which, may not be created or judged fairly. Due to students being highly stressed or busy, not all the students have the

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