E.A. Bennett
E.A. Bennett firstly felt that there is no sexual reason why a woman should be a less accomplished journalist than a man; in certain fields, such as politics, men tend to surpass women but there are still women who have excelled in politics. According to the film “Women of the Year” we see Tess Harding being a successful journalist writing columns on world events, further proving that women, can also be an accomplished journalist.

Also, she agreed that “women-journalists as a body have faults”. This however, is “natural, necessary, incurable and meet to be condoned”. These faults are due not to sex but to the “subtle, far-reaching effects of early training and the general remedies”, which can be traced back to the “imperfect development of the sense of order, or to a certain lack of self-control”. Since women were deemed upon as the gender that did not require proper education, the lack of education had resulted in the faults that many women possessed. They lacked the knowledge that men gained from school. As shown in “Women of the Year”, Tess Harding was expected of his husband to stay home and tend to the house, rather than to keep up with her job. That, portrayed the early believes that women did not have to endure education but to attend to matters at home and to bear and raise children.

Bennett further stated that women journalists are unreliable as a class “not due to sexual imperfection or any defect of loyalty or good faith”. It is all because of the “lack of understanding of codes of conduct prevailing in the temples” which had only then recently been opened to them. Professional women should also not be charged with any consistent lack of seriousness, they are in the “main exquisitely serious”. Women in profession “exhibit seriousness, an energy and a perseverance of which the average man is apparently incapable of”. We see

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