Division of Work and Responsibilities of Team
Essay Preview: Division of Work and Responsibilities of Team
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Division of Work and Responsibilities of Team:
Account Manager:
Overall responsible for all areas of the account
Drawing submittals
Scheduling & Delivery
Field issues & Solutions
Primary Contact for Customer
Maintain Out To Bid Report
Update delivery List once Projects Award and PO is received
Co-ordinate all deliveries with Job – Site Superintendents Weekly
Release all Projects to the shops / Balance work load amongst shops equally
Schedule loads with Traffic Dept.
Liaison between Designers / Detailers / Customer / Contractors
Create agenda and host buyers call – Weekly
Host weekly production meetings with fabrication shops
Attending Suppliers call – Bi-Weekly
Create invoicing list for Billing – Monthly
Receive and trouble shoot field issues / liaison between field and detailer any field fixes as required
Bidding and Quoting Clerk:
Quote projects as listed on Weekly Out to Bid Report
Input hand written estimates into software programs as required
Invoice all projects and Contract Change directives shipped monthly
Material Processor and Manager:
Receive all shop use drawings and organize into Steel Sequences
Maintain electronic job folders on Server.
Order all material as outlined below:
Tube Mill – Order within (3) working days of new job release from Acct Manager
1. Anchor Bolts – Ordered 4 weeks Prior to On-Site date
2. CMU Embeds – Ordered 4 Weeks Prior to On-Site date
3. Structural – Ordered 4 weeks prior to On-Site date
Material should be ordered allowing suppliers 7-10 days to process material correctly.
Material will be given a shop delivery of 7-10 days from release of PO #.
4. Incorporate all CCDs with revisions prior to Project Shipping.
Add all CCDs prior to delivery to the Main Customer Delivery List
Keep Account Manager abreast of any changes or issues during the processing phase.
Attend Steel Suppliers

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