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A procurement strategy defines whether a centralized or decentralized procurement process is appropriate. After the team selects the process, how does the Project Manager ensure clear demarcation of buying authority? What are the conditions that clearly lead to the development of the Request for Proposal (RFP), followed by source selection from an approved bidders list? With completion of the RFP, what are the steps the project team needs to take that lead to contract award?

The Lake Renown project will take advantage of both centralized and decentralized procurement stratigies. These initiatives put Lake Renown procurement at the heart of best practices and continuous improvement. The Project and its sponsor, Jan Palmen, are committed to investing in the local economy as permitted by govrnmrnt regulations and applicable law. Lake Renown is committed to a comprehensive procurement program focused on supporting the best quality and scheduling standards.

Team leads are authorized to procure any items that are considered consumable with a cost of less than $5,000. per purchase with a limit of $30,000. per month. Any purchase(s) that exceeds the $5,000. limit or a purchase that elevates the total expenditures above $30,000. in a 30 day period will need prior approval of the Project Manager or his designee.

All capital items associated with the turbine, power generation and lift pump will be procured using the governments central procurement system. An RFp will be generated for the specific purpose to aquireUtilizing the central procurement system will ensur competitive pricing for capital items, meet project specifications and maintain applicable warranties as required by the RFP. The RFP award will be as follows:

The project team will elvaluate proposals against the evaluation criteria in the RFP.
Subject to the requirements, such ratings shall be confidential, and no totals or scores of such ratings shall be released to any party. A shortlist of Vendors may be established. Shortlisted Vendors may be requested to make formal presentations regarding their Proposal to the Evaluation Team. Key Vendor management and technical personnel will be expected to participate in presentations. These presentations will be made at no cost to the program. The Contract to be entered into shall be finalized with the Vendor by the project manger. The RFP and the Proposal shall form part of the Contract.

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