Project Management
Project Management
Question #1
A) If you were the President, what would be your choice? Why?
If I were the President for the Ohio Medical Center, I would choose the project manager from the architectural firm that is currently designing the building. I would not choose the senior facilities engineer because it is usually not a good idea to hire a technical specialist as a project manager or from a list of available employees. Even though the engineer is available for the job, this particular person has no direct experience in management of a construction project. Even though hiring the outside project manager will cost money, this outside project manager will work hard to get the job done for the client. In addition, if the engineer was hired as the project manager, he will be taken off of his daily job for a while.

b) What additional information would you try to obtain before making the decision?
Additional information I would ask for before making this decision is information on the current resources at the hospital and the budget. In addition, I would ask the architectural firm for a list of references so I may contact these references to figure out the credibility, leadership, and ethics of the particular before hiring this particular project manager.

c) Would someone with experience in building construction be a better choice?
In this particular case, the project manager should have some experience in building construction. Even though a project manager is not expected to have an expert’s knowledge of each aspect of the project, he must still be credible. As a result, a real project manager will be able to better explain to the President and senior executives on the current status of the construction project.

2. What organizational structure would you recommend HardTech use to complete the three initiatives outlined? Why?
The best organization structure will be a matrix structure. The traditional functional organizational structure will not work in this case. There are no guarantees of communications across departments and the department’s priority would not likely be the projects since they only had one product and one client since the started up. The firm is also to small to have a pure project structure, as they will be idle project staff

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