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Effective leaders are adaptable in being able to move around the matrix according to the situation. Conflict resolution involves transforming the relationship and situation such that solutions developed by the parties are sustainable and self-correcting in the long run. Project management provides a leader with the necessary tools to improve planning, implementing and managing activities to accomplish a goal set by an organization. As a project manager, you must be able to resolve all issues that arise to complete the task at hand. The project manager must be able to deal with people and the technical issues while completing a project or implementing a product. In this paper, I will review the aspects of project management and organizational culture of Moss and McAdams Accounting firm.

Project Management
Explain how you would respond if you were Palmer at the end of the case.
Zeke Olds is considered to be an asset to the M&M accounting firm. If I were Palmer I would have informed Sands that Olds need to hand his work off to someone that is capable to handle the remainder of the auditing project. This would mean that Olds would still have to review his info with the newest member of Palmer’s team. I would have requested that Olds work with the newest member and review their work to make sure it is of quality.

Palmer should remind Olds that M&M organizational culture is designed around a reward criterion. I require a dedicated team, Palmer should have stated to both Olds and Sands. This is a necessity for completing the project. It is important that Olds considers the quality of work and those on the team that’s counting on him to complete his portion of the project. A lack of teamwork and focus causes those in the team to pick up his slack. M&M, like most accounting firms, has a tiered promotion system. New CPAs entered as junior or staff accountants. Within 2 years, their performance was reviewed and they were either asked to leave or promoted to senior accountant (Gray, C., & Larson, E. page 83). A negative review from a project manager would not look good or give him a promising future with the company.

Discuss what Palmer could do, if anything, to avoid losing Olds.
There is very little that Palmer can do to prevent losing Olds. There really appears to be a preference issue on the part of Olds. He enjoys the consulting project for Springfield Metals. As the project manager I would have tried to compromise with Olds regarding his continuing to work on the audit project. I would have made flexibility an option for the both of us. Palmer could have offered to meet Olds before his normal hours or later than his normal hours, maybe

Project Management
even late night. Palmer could

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