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Project Management Paper
Janice Minnis
MGT/437 Lean Enterprise
October 6, 2014
Professor Rodney Wells
What is a project?
The age of technology has challenged organizations to examine the ways they can remain competitive in the market. Management is challenged with implementing the necessary changes, and engaging the employees in the process. Managers use project management to move forward in the industry, launch actions and tasks that will advance the company.

A project is defined as a one-time planned set of tasks with end results for a unique service or product. Projects are completed outside of the normal realm to create a product or service that meets a particular goal or objective, with the change and added value. Projects vary based upon the type of business. Project management requires planning and monitoring the tasks set from beginning to end. The project manager directs the project based upon the goals, objectives, and plans set. Achieving a successful product and a pleased consumer is the main objective of the project manager. Kerzer (2006) states, “As the architect of the project plan, the project manager must provide:

Complete task definitions
Resource requirement definitions (possibly skill levels)
Major timetable milestones
Definition of end-item quality and reliability requirements
The basis for performance measurement”
Project managers are responsible for identifying functional responsibilities making sure all tasks are accounted for: set scheduling, reduce reporting, methodology for trade-off analysis, measure achievements against the initial plans, detect problems early, improve future planning, and recognize the potential of success and failure. Project managers use current resources by task flowing horizontally and vertically. Project managers must administer project within the work -flow of the company.

What are the basic phases of the project life cycle and their purposes?
The project life cycle is the stages a project goes through from its beginning to completion. When the project becomes known to the sources that will fulfill the goal and objectives of the project the life cycle begins and continues until the project is completed. The growth of a company depends on the products and services it produces. The launch of new products begins the life cycle of the project. The responsibility of the project manager is to plan, integrate, execute the plans and tasks of the product. The plans of the new product begin with

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