Inventory and Cost Analysis of Emerging Markets Strides
Essay Preview: Inventory and Cost Analysis of Emerging Markets Strides
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A Report on Project Management of ‘Inventory and Cost Analysis of Emerging Markets Strides’[pic 1]Submitted to Prof. Kalyan AgrawalPrepared by: Kumar PranavIntroductionThe project ‘Inventory and cost Analysis Emerging Markets Strides’ was given to me by Strides Shasun Ltd. during my 8 weeks internship in the company. Internship began on 13th April 2016 and ended on 10th June 2016 during this period I was working in companies Emerging Markets office in Bengaluru. The First day I met the HR and got the certificate to work as an intern in the finance department of Emerging Markets division of the company. The project had three major sections inventory analysis, cost analysis and Industry cost comparison of Strides after completing all this I had submit a report after review of that report my Internship would be completed.During the internship no stipend was given by the company so cost of this project was nil. Since I was the only one working on this project alone on this project so there only resource that is Kumar Pranav. The project was completed so there is 100% completion, and in stipulated time of 8 weeks so there was no variance in the project. [pic 2]The above figure show the overview of the project which is a snapshot from software Microsoft Project, which was used to as tool to structure, plan and manage the project.

Project ManagementThe project was managed using software known as Microsoft Project where we plot the work breakdown structure, start and end date, Gantt chart and other such feature to track the progress of the project, variance if any and relevant things for a tracking a project. [pic 3][pic 4]The above Figure shows the work breakdown structure of the project with duration of each activity, start and finish date, which resource was used to complete the project. The tick mark in the first column represents that the task has been completed successfully in stipulated time.

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