The Lesson
The Lesson
The Lesson
1. Character
? Professor : an elderly man of about 50 to 60 that really ambitious to give lesson to the people, has a manner that becomes completely stifling and controlling when he was teaching, he has high temper.

? Maid : a stout, red-faced woman of about 40 to 50, who is always worrying about the Professors health, care with each other.
? Pupil : an aged 18, ignorance about the lesson, more enthusiastic to learn.
2. Setting
? Setting of Place : In the Professors office.
? Setting of time : at June 1950
3. Plot
The play takes place in the office and dining room of a small French flat. The Professor is expecting a new Pupil. The Professors Maid is always worrying about the Professors health. As the lesson progresses, the Professor grows more and more angry with the Pupils ignorance and the Pupil becomes more and more quiet and meek. At the climax of the play, the Pupil

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