Adoption Case Study
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Adoption is a very disputed topic in todays society, especially when the children that are adopted are given back to the orphanage or institute that they came from. Today, thousands of children are given back to their previous families or shelters, for many different reasons. Some reasons include the children not living up to their new families expectations. Another reason is if the child develops some kind of disease that the parents cant deal with. These examples may sound extremely wrong and against human nature, but these are real examples that people experience every day. When parents adopt a child they acquire risks and responsibilities that every parent must take, this must be clear before the process of adoption because no child deserves to be given back.

Some adoptive parents think the child is an angel just by the first glance of the kid. A person no matter what the age cannot be judged by their look under any circumstances. The parents must do tons of research on the childs past and fully understand what they are getting into. In one story, a perfectly normal couple named Melanie and Rob adopted a child named Alex. She was a very cute little girl and seemed to be charming when they first met her. They did not know however that she was mistreated as a young girl, and was not loved by her previous family. “She was perfect,” Melanie recalls. “Though on the second day we told her that she couldnt do something and I remember the unsettling look she gave us. She didnt shout and scream. She took hold of my hand and wouldnt let it go and I thought, God, thats strong. It didnt quite feel normal.”(War, Penny.”Adopted Children: Sometimes you cant Mend Them” Par. 4) After dealing with the child for many years, they just couldnt deal with her anymore and ended up giving the child back to the orphanage that they got her from. This is a perfect example of the real life situations that occur every day in the world. Is this right? That is the question that everyone is asking and no one really has a good answer.

Another case that occurred in 2007, only three years ago, is one that is highly disputed in the nations that it occurred in. A Dutch couple adopted a young Korean girl at the young age of just four months old. The reason for their adoption is because they failed to conceive a child multiple times and gave up on trying, so they decided to adopt. They seemed to rush into the process of adoption, overlooking all of the risk and responsibilities that were involved. They wanted a child quickly and easily, so they got the first child that was available, which is not always a wise choice. After having the little girl for four full years, they did not like how she was fitting in with the family. “They claimed the girl was struggling to adapt to their culture, including food”.

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