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I have gone to a private school for most of my younger years. I went to St. Elizabeth of Hungary Catholic School. As one can tell by the name, religion played a big role in everything the school did. I attended the school from the first grade through the eighth grade. A tradition they kept is going to Mass every Friday. The school teaches us how to balance out school life and religious life. This is one of the reasons why I grew up mature. More so, in speaking of the church, we all receive baptism, communion, reconciliation, as well as confession. I mention this because it shows a transition from the old life to a new life. What I always loved about the Church is when we go to Confession. This might have been a small meeting, but every time I went, it helped me with bringing up the confidence in myself. Through the years of elementary and middle school, we – the students – have been taught to have respect, patience, gratitude, humble, forgiveness, integrity, honesty, truthfulness, etc. To be fair, the school has given us a big load of homework during middle school. I have never been a “smart” person, or someone who can always retain knowledge. I had trouble with it, but I fought and worked hard every day to pass a test and the grade itself. When I look back, I start to get the sense that they did that on purpose, so would not struggle during high school. Because of this, I am now in currently a senior from Cedar Hill Collegiate High School. Freshman year was the hardest, because I still had a middle school mindset and I honestly didn’t care as much. As the year went by it became clear that this opportunity could be wasted because of my ignorance. So, I changed my mindset of maturity.  Ever since then, I can say that teachers might say that I am a hard worker and always prepares for class. The rest of the year was still hard because they told us that we are going to take college courses. I am still here today, inching closer and closer to my diploma and associate’s degree. Moving along, I live with two mothers, whom I love deep down in my soul, have been living with each other for going on seventeen years. I have grown with them with the utmost respect. They have always given the best influence and knowledge any parent can give. We, of course, test waters every once in a while, but we do come back to our senses. With the influence they give, I have grown into a mature man and I am barely eighteen years old. I have grown to not only respect a woman, but to also appreciate anyone who feels insecure about themselves. I have learned how to not fear over small things that won’t hurt me in the far future. Moving on, I have been shy in my younger years. My mindset was not as it is to this day because I was a child and I didn’t understand what it was like being an adult. My mom has always said that I am going to have to go through these battles and fight through them, figuratively speaking, especially with athletics. Even though I never played for the high school, the two sports I loved were cross-country and track and field. Which is an important aspect because the college I am hoping to get into the Naval Academy, which is a military college. I went to their summer seminar in June. I love the structure that they have and teaching how much discipline – including tolerance – you need. I have learned from my mistakes and struggles so that in the future, I will not do something wrong again. I have grown determined, responsible, leader, hard-worker, respectful, etc.

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