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76 I CONTACT COMMERCE, AND COLONIZATIONgo to the gold washings; all the people were busy seeking gold. Five hundred men and five hundred women were also demanded by Tunatiuh to aid in building Pangan for his princely residence. All that, yes, all that, we ourselves witnessed, 0 my children.[pic 1]* *170. In the course of the year, on the 11th Noh [May 16 1536], . . . the prince Mantunalo arrived to relieve the nation from its sufferings; the washing for gold and silver promptly ceased, and the tribute of young men and women ceased; the burnings alit and the hangings ceased, and, indeed, all the various acts of violence of the Castilians and the imposts which they had forcibly laid upon us. The roads were once more frequented by travelers when the Prince Mantunalo arrived, as they had been eight years beforo when the imposts were first laid upon us, 0 my children.* *[T]here arrived at our house our fathers of St. Dominic, Brother Pedro [Angulo] and Brother Juan de Torres. They arrived from Mexico on the day 12 Batz [February 10, 1542], and we began to receive instruction from our fathers of St. Dominic. Then also appeared the Doctrin[e] in our language. Our fathers, Brother Pedro and Brother Juan were the first who taught us the word of God. Until that time the word and the commandments of God were unknown to us; we had lived in darkness, for no one had spoken to us of the doctrine of God.* *Six months after the arrival of the [Lord] President at Pangan, began here again the pestilence which had formerly raged among the people. It came from a distance. It was truly terrible when this death was sent among us by the great God. Many families bowed their heads before it [succumbed to the plague]. The people were seized with a chill and then a fever; blood issued from the nose; there was a cough, and the throat and nose were swollen, both in the lesser and the greater pestilence. All here were soon attacked. These maladies began, 0 my children, on the day of the Circumcision, n sEPULVEDA / CAUSES OF JUST WAR WITH INDIANS77

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