Thirteen Days
Thirteen Days
The movie “Thirteen Days” expresses so many difficult decisions made by the government and the President of the United States. The way they act during the movie helps the audience to better understand the true meaning of where we were in those days. People dont realize to this day the whole meaning behind this, and how close we are to nuclear war and untimely WWIII.

The Kennedys and the whole administration were put up against the wall the entire movie. Especially when all the generals would sitting around the round table and they proceeded to negotiate with the president why the airstrike would be the best course of action. Every time when the shot is presented on the round table the generals would argue about how bad they want to have the airstrike over Cuba to get rid of all the ballistic missiles and then continue to proceed with the invasion of troops and jets to finish the job. Another example would be how the generals would order unauthorized missions and then it sends the message to USSR that they are getting ready for war. Which then in return President Kennedy would like foolish in not giving these orders and would have to then act upon and further advance the dispute even longer. Another prime example would be when the quarantine is in affect and the ships commander ordered them to fire “fake shots” but Robert McNamara didnt get the order from the president himself and then it gave the wrong intentions to what the president ordered in the first place. What I got out of these movie is there is a fight within a fight. The one fight is the main fight which is USSR and the US but the other fight is the Kennedys and the other important people in the office and the generals of the major forces. The fights between the Kennedys and the generals have similar sides. The Kennedys side mainly points out that they care for the people of the United States

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