Human Resource Information Systems
e-Recruiting 1
Strayer University
Human Resource Information Systems
Dr. Bobbie DeLeon
December 1, 2013
e-Recruiting 2
Organizations have long been concerned with attracting and retaining highly talented
employees. The primary reason for this is that they depend on the skills and talents of their
workforce to compete in an ever changing global environment. In order to facilitate the
recruitment process, organizations are increasingly using electronic human resource systems;
web-based job sites, portals, and kiosks to attract job applicants (Gueutal & Stone) page 22.
According to (Gueutal et al, 2005), “In order to effectively use online recruiting, the
professionals must understand how the process works; this is done by providing a framework of
understanding the antecedents and outcomes of recruitment.” According to (Gueutal et al, 2005),
“One way is to use the Ryness (1991) model. This model suggests that the applicants gather
information about organizations to assess the types of rewards offered by the organization and
determine whether or not they meet the requirements of the job.”
There are four key factors that are associated with the Ryne model, this affect applicants in
the organizations to include (1) source and recruiter characteristics, (2) vacancy, administrative,
and practices. The Ryness model identifies when applicants are interested in organizations

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