How Is Geometry Used to Help Surveyors Survey
Essay Preview: How Is Geometry Used to Help Surveyors Survey
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We will rebuild the past to better the future the priest said. But, the priest father said, ” You must stop because the people of the village wont believe you.” The son of the priest said, “No, father our people must know their past.” The priest father said, ” People will always be scared of something they dont know or understand and especially of a past that now one knows or tries to figure out.” The priest said, “Father, they need to know that you dont have to be afraid they need to learn how to embrace the past to better the future. Then the father walked off with a look of disgust on his face. The son walked out of the house saying what must I do to show them that what happen in the past shouldnt be forgotten that the ones who do remember what happen should tell what they know instead of hiding in fear of what they know. As a priest he felt like he must show them. So the priest meditated for seven days and six nights in a cave away from the village. During that time period he starved himself in belief that it would help him think. On that seventh day he awoke with an ideal. He decided that he would tell them that he was going to lead everybody in the village on a spiritual trip. He quickly assembled the villagers the day after. Then he explained to them that he received a sign from God that they must travel with him to the forbidden land to receive there blessings. So the following day every one packed their things and traveled to the forbidden land. While they were there he showed them signs from the forbidden land that he picked up. One of the signs he was showing them read Welcome to New York. While looking at the sign one of the villagers stumbled upon a sign while walking by a river saying Hudson Bay. The more they walked the more signs they found. That night while everyone was resting the priest prayed all night hoping that his people would understand why he brought them here. That morning they were awaken by a loud noise, and a yell for help. When the priest arrived he found one of his people dead. The priest buried him and told his family that he is sorry that he died but they must move on. One of the mans family members ran or ranting that this land is still forbidden, and saying I curse you for bringing us over here. Then all the villagers left the forbidden land. The priest broke down in tears saying lord what have I done. He swooned after all that happen and awakened in a heavenly place. With streets paved of gold. Suddenly he saw a figure coming towards him with a glow that could be seen even in the darkest of nights. When the figure reached the priest the priest asked, “Are you God.” He replied, “Yes, I am.” The priest asked, “Did you bring me here because of what I did.” God replied, “Yes.” God asked, “Dont you know its wrong to mislead people and especially using my name to do your own work. That was wrong said, “The priest I should have known not to use your name like that after all I am a teacher of Gods word. He asked would you forgive me. God replied, “Yes, I always will forgive my children if there faithful to me.” Then God walked towards the priest and touched him on his forehead. The priest fell and awoke back on earth in the forbidden land. When the priest awoke he walked day after day with a confused look on his face. Trying to think of what he was going to say when he goes back to the village. Then he thought I should just hide out for a couple of months. After a couple of months he showed up like he had lost his mind. He started running around the village

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