Larry Page and Sergey Brin
Essay Preview: Larry Page and Sergey Brin
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In 1996, Larry
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In other parts of the world, Googles market share is even higher. There are three main differences which are mentioned in the reading material that have led to the success of Google. The first one is Google invented a new way in which their search engine processed search requests. With the help of this technology, users could identify how many pages linked to a particular Web page and how popular those Web pages were (Certo&Certo, 2011). The second difference is the way Google displayed the search results. Unlike other companies Google just focuses on the search results and does not offer unwanted information to customers. However, other companies such as Yahoo! draw visitors to its Web site that also includes news, entertainment, and weather information (2011). The third difference is the way Google earns money. Actually Google is one of the biggest online advertising players in the Internet industry. Every time a customer is using Google he will find the ads displayed along with the results. These advertisements are called “Google Adwords”. The advertisements never “mixed in” with the results,so these advertisements never make users feel distaste. Google receives money from the advertisers after users click on these advertisements each time.

Although Google has done an excellent job in previous years, if they want to continue leading the online search industry, they must keep their entrepreneurial culture and at the same time adapt to different cultures in other parts of world.Larry

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