All the Pretty Horses
Essay title: All the Pretty Horses
All the Pretty Horses Essay
All The Pretty Horses in my opinion was not a very good book. The reason why I dislike the book so much is mostly due to the way the book was written. It is written in a way which uses way too many pronouns like he, she, and their. This makes the story unclear, especially in the beginning, which makes a reader like me loose interest in the book right away. The story was pretty good itself, but the way it is presented is absolutely horrible.

To point out an example, I picked a passage out of the book on page 11 that shows how confusing the way it was written really is. “If you had the money, would you buy it? The boy said. I had the money and I didn’t. You mean your backpay from the army? No. Since then. What’s the most you ever won? You don’t need to know. Learn bad habits. Why don’t I bring the chessboard up some afternoon? I ain’t got the patience to play. You got the patience to play poker. That’s different.

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