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Treaty of Versailles
Essay Preview: Treaty of Versailles
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The Treaty of Versailles targeted one major country in the war. The treaty gave back land to countries that had lost it. The treaty also blamed and made others countries pay for all the damage done in the war. The Paris Peace Conference was on January 18, 1919 in the Palace of Versailles. Twenty-one nations attended the meeting. President Wilson of the United States, Prime Minister Lloyd George of Great Britain, Prime Minister Georges Clemenceau of France, and Prime Minister Vittorio Orlando of Italy dominated the meeting. President Wilson wanted to get rid of secret treaties and territorial rearrangements between countries. Prime Minister of France sought out security throughout the countries. The treaty enlightened many countries helping them recover after the war while also destroying other economies, land, and power.

The Treaty of Versailles helped France with what they wanted. The French wanted revenge on Germany and thats what they got. France were not happy with all the power Germany was trying to get and wanted to put a stop to it before the Germans got out of control. France was mad at Germany for invading them. The invasion was the start of the tension between the two countries. The Germans destroyed most of Frances land; this was the battle of the Franco-Prussian war. The Germans destroyed farmlands, land, and their society making France weak. They lost Alsace and Lorraine their borderlines. The lost hurt Frances economy and their defenses. France lost pride and was embarrassed by losing the war to the Germans. They wanted to eventually get their land back that they lost.

The Treaty of Versailles broke up Austria- Hungary after the war. Austria signed the Treaty of St.Germain in 1919. The treaty was to help organize the chaotic territories and put them into place again after their leaders assassination. Austria lost land to Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia and then had to give land back to Italy and Poland. Austria became very weak and small. The Treaty of Versailles limited Austrias military to 30,000 men. Their military was too small to fight. The treaty had forbidden Austria to unite with Germany. They were no longer able to fight together in war as alliances. The two countries could not help and support each other. Countries separated the alliance because they did not want them together in battle. Countries did not want any power to the Germans, so the treaty cut off connections with Austria. Austria was no longer the leading power in the war.

The Treaty of Versailles had many restrictions to Germany. Germany was blamed for starting the war and causing most conflicts between the countries. First the treaty limited Germanys military to 100,000 men. The treaty took away their submarines and their air force causing them to be weak in their military. Countries limited Germanys military because they could no longer trust

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