Retailing Principles Continuing Case Assignment
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Retailing Principles Continuing Case Assignment #5
Walgreens is the largest drugstore chain in the United States. They offer the most convenient multi-channel access to pharmacy products and services. They want to become the first choice in America for health and daily living by improving health outcomes and offering lower costs. Walgreens believes that values such as honesty, trust, and integrity among its customers, partners, and community are essential to reach their mission. The quality of their products and the delivery of the best services possible are vital to building a long term relationship with their customers.

Walgreens is a daily visit for 6.3 million people who include males and females, people from big cities and small villages, and different races like Caucasian, African American, Asian, and Hispanic. Walgreens serves healthy people who want to keep their health and also those who want to recover it. They serve the whole family by offering household items, convenience and fresh foods, personal care, beauty care, photofinishing, toys, clothing, and candy.

Throughout the years, Walgreens has been updating their store layout to match their merchandising to local demographics and store locations. Now Walgreens seeks to fulfill the communities needs by understanding their environment first and then adjusting product assortment, services, and store layout as needed. The president of daily living products and solutions for Walgreens, Joseph Magnacca calls it “differentiation through mass localization and being relevant to customers in every market by having the right assortment and presentation of items.” The principal objective is to change from a traditional drugstore to a retail store that offers health and daily living destinations for people who live and work in different environments, cultures, and customs (Odell, 2012).

Walgreens is more effective than other drugstores because customers and potential customers can access Walgreens in any way. Customers that prefer to do previous research before they buy are more comfortable using the internet. In order to have the right customer interaction Walgreens is focused on improving the customer experience by delivering outstanding customer service. Through background music, merchandise assortment, and customer service Walgreens creates an emotional connection with the customer. Their stores are spread across the country; therefore, they are committed to diversity and inclusion. They are located in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico with a total of 8,077 drugstores.

Walgreens offers an organized store and website layout which makes the buying process easier. They offer a good and plentiful merchandise assortment on both the website and in store.

As a pharmacy they offer specialized medication for complex, genetic, rare, and chronic health conditions. To interact with

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