Following elections in Cote dIvoire in October 2010, both President Laurent Gbagbo and opposition candidate, Alasl observers agreed that the Ouattara had won, but Gbagbo refused to accept this

Negotiations failed and while the worlds attention was elsewhere, the situation became volatile and violent outbursts turned into the countrys second civil war. Forces supporting Ouattara have swept through the coulooks precarious while he remains defiant.

the biggest recorded, measuring 9 on the richter scale.
It was the resulting tsunami, however, that caused the most destruction. It devastated the northeast of Japan, leaving many thousands dead or missing, and hundreds of thousands homeless or evacuated from the area.

In addition,tors failed. Some oldns risked meltdown and suffered explosions and radioactive leaks. Workers have battled for weeks to try and bring the situation under control. Radioactive med in various places.

It is thought that thend— the worlds most expensive natural disaster

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