Organisation Change
Organisation Change
Describe the present of situation of the company, and the main reasons that causes the problems.•
3J Tech Company now is faced with high percentage of sales drop and huge amount of its customers complaining. The situation is overwhelming because the customers have been asking not to continue the contract with 3J Tech, and turn around to do business with its competition. Therefore, this results that the company is losing its market share and reputation in the market. All of these problems are occurred is because of its product with poor quality. Moreover, the main reasons that causes “poor quality” of the product are its inefficiency and inefficient material, people, production of technology, and management style.

Introduce the company’s history and the principle of business and its environment such as its competitors.•
3J TECH Corporation was found in 1984, and the CEO is wenj Huang. The company’s main business that is involving in computer network products such as Fax Modem, PCMCIA Cards, Tel Talk etc. Actually the company was doing well in the beginning because of its sales and marketing ability. However, because of Huang’s management style, it has been destroyed the company’s performance. Huang asked the employees must work hard to the company but he did not take care what the employees’ need; for example, the employees in sales department asking for sales commissions that was totally ignored by Huang. The same situation also happened to the engineering department asking for the need of experts to support the performance was not concerned by Huang. In addition, Huang slashed costs and funneled the cash to other enterprises in which he was involved. Needless to say, 3J Tech members despised him. When the time went by, the employees lost his or her enthusiasm to work for the company because of largely unresponsive to worker concerns. Therefore, the quality of the product went down because the employees did not work hard as before. Then, it results the order went down. When the company received more complaining of poor quality from its customers, the only thing Huang did was to put a lot of pressure on the managers of each department. Alan Guo, who has so many working experience in sales and marketing, the manager of sales department has no moral in malpractice. Kiwi Huang, who was hired with high salary from Wenj, the manager of production department and he was the senior engineer form one of most famous TECH corporations. Basically, he obeyed to Wenj’s order, and he followed Wenj’s management style. Peter Zhuang, who has professional knowledge in technique of research and development, the manager of engineering department. The managers then blamed all these problems on the workers; therefore, it

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