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Present-day Kuwait started with the clans of the Al Aniza tribe of Najd. These clans traveled to the north shore of the Persian Gulf, leaving central Arabia. The new comers came together to organize a new viable government that would be controlled by this small group. Its economy was based mostly on fishing. They also relied on trade and pearling. The main clan, the Al Sabah, became the principal governing group in 1756.

During the next century and a half, the Al Sabah became proficient at managing a small state to thrive in conjunction with the neighboring powers of Saudi, Rashidi, and Ottoman. In 1899, fear of the power of the Ottoman pressure led Kuwait to enter into a union with Great Britain This union recognized Kuwait as a self-governing British state.

This union allowed Kuwait to continue to control its internal relations. Great Britain took over Kuwaits security and foreign relations. They also provided advisers to aid in the blossoming new government of Kuwait. Kuwaits borders were created in the 1920s. Iraq recognized its border with Kuwait in 1932.

Soon after Kuwaits petroleum industry began rising. This industry is what allowed Kuwait to succeed. In 1938, oil was discovered in Kuwait. World War II had a negative affect on Kuwait and its successful new business. After the war when the industry was able to resume, its success boomed. Then commercial export of crude oil began. This new economy was created expanded with the wealth and production. In the 60s Kuwait became one of the richest states in the world.

Kuwait gained full autonomy from Britain in 1961. Iraq did not want to accept Kuwaits independence. Iraq threatened to take over Kuwait stating that they had once been a part of Iraq. The threats were very quickly dropped with the signing of a treaty between the two. In 1963 Kuwait became a member of the United Nations.

In the 80s Kuwaits solidity was upset by the war between Iran and Iraq. Terrorist attacks and economic troubles caused by a worldwide oil surplus began to disrupt Kuwaits economy. Then when Iraq assaulted and occupied Kuwait in 1990, stating that Kuwait was hurting the economy of Iraq by not cutting back its oil production. Many of the people of Kuwait were forced out of Kuwait and into Saudi Arabia and other countries. Exiled Kuwait established a government in Saudi Arabia. Once again Iraq began to claim that Kuwait had once been a part of Iraq. Iraq was defeated in 1991 by Operation Desert Storm. While leaving the country Iraqs troops looted homes and businesses, caused major damage to Kuwaits oil industry and environment. They set fire to 742 of 1,080 oil wells. They also permitted crude oil to flow into the desert and the sea and

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