PATHO- Seizures
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PATHO- Seizure is a condition in which there is poor communication by the neurons. Whenever they occur, a high risk of death is inevitable if no quick intervention is availed . Positive and negative ions of the neurons must be balanced for effective communication. There are several causes of PATHO – Seizures, most of which are associated with brain functioning. This condition may be genetically passed down in a given family lineage. Other causes of these seizures are infectious diseases such as hypertension . Head injury may also result in brain conditions resulting in abnormal neurons functioning.

There are usually some factors that make someone more vulnerable. Age is one of the most significant factors whereby as one advance in age, the chances of suffering this condition increases. This condition may also be genetically passed, making some of the people from families with a history of this condition more vulnerable . Head injuries and vascular diseases such as stroke also increase the chances of suffering the condition. Whenever a patient experiences PATHO – Seizures without immediate help, accidents such as drowning and car crashes may be inevitable. When this occurs in pregnant women, miscarriage may occur . Delay in accessing treatment may result in stroke and even death.

As a nurse, the first and most important thing is understanding the symptoms of a patient-facing PATHO – Seizures. The most common symptoms are temporary confusion, loss of consciousness, and uncontrollable jerking . When a patient presents such symptoms, further tests should be quickly conducted, and treatment administered immediately. Creating awareness for the patients is the most important thing to avoid late treatment resulting in loss of life.

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