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Scs Kanpur We Care Report 28-02-2015
Essay Preview: Scs Kanpur We Care Report 28-02-2015
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[pic 1][pic 2][pic 3]PrefaceSubhash Children Society, started in 1980, is an NGO primarily focused on working towards various issues faced by children. This report focuses streamlining marketing, branding and operational effectiveness of the NGO. The NGO focuses on the issues in which children are lost or abandoned, or are involved in illegal activities under influence of others or circumstances faced and how Subhash children society in sync with Child Line, a nationwide help-line for children helping to rehabilitate these children. Additionally, Subhash Children Society has various programs for children like providing mid-day meal and vocational trainings etc. Our project was to provide various tools and plans, build some strategies for the organization to spread awareness within the society, through campaigns in schools and institutions. Our approach was focused on sustainable practices which the NGO can adopt for efficient functioning. Place: Kanpur                                                                                      Rachit KaseraDate: February 28, 2015                                                                      Rishabh Rastogi                                                                           Anushka Khanna                                                                             AcknowledgementWe would like to thank the Chairman of Subhash Children Society, Mr. Kamal Kant Tiwari for providing us with his valuable guidance and providing us the facilities to gain an incredible experience. We are grateful to our mentor Mr. Vinay Kumar Ojha for his time and support which made our internship tenure insightful, with the entire team of the organization Subhash Children Society for providing us this opportunity and for being so welcoming and helpful during the internship. We would also like to thank our faculty mentor, Ms. Arunima Haldar, for being there to clarify our doubts and rectify mistakes.Lastly, we would like to thank the SRF team, for being the guiding force behind this program which has provided us with invaluable insights and life changing experience.Executive SummaryThe interns worked on project which consisted of building marketing strategies for the organization:To spread awareness amongst the society as well as corporate housesTo increase the digital footprint in sync with socially responsible citizensTo simplify and upgrade donation collection system for the NGOThe interns also assisted the organization in its ongoing activities like Child Line Kanpur, recovery and rehabilitation of children and outreach activities.  Additionally, design various strategies and proposals to reach out to the society and corporate houses for awareness and monetary support.

Students started the project by understanding the various operations conducted by the organization. They visited Kanpur Central railway station to observe the working of organizational staff with respect to Search and rescue children who are either lost or abandoned or escaped from home Visited their children home, Juvenile court and government Child Welfare Centre (CWC) With the help of knowledge and experience that they gained, they built various presentations and proposals for the organization.Contents        Preface        Acknowledgement        Executive Summary        Chapter 1: Introduction        Chapter 2: Awareness        Recent Amendments in Juvenile Justice Act:        Chapter 3: Report on Process of Tracking and Counselling of Children recovered through Child-Line        Live Example Witnessed:        Chapter 4: Report on Activity at Kanpur Railway Station        Chapter 4: Maggi Party        Chapter 5: Learnings from the Internship        Adding Value to the Society        Suggestions        Annexure        Chapter 1: IntroductionSubhash Children Society is a registered N.G.O. under Society Registration Act 21, 1860. The society is engaged in the field of child protection for last three decades. Formed in 1980 by a group of children, who now possess vast experience in the field of child protection and development. In order to make best use of their working experience, now the society is running several projects related to overall development of street children, disabled children, railway platform children, child labor, orphaned, beggar children, school children and other needy children in the society.Under the different projects run by the society, children are being supported in obtaining proper education, good health, vocational training in different courses, by offering them good living conditions, by protecting their rights. The society is also actively engaged in providing other services to needy children like shelter, their rehabilitation, emergency help through Child Line (1098) project, awareness about child rights, awareness about environment, protecting them from child abuse and extend them best possible support in order to ensure them justice.

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