Kodak Case Questions
[pic 1]Mgt 699Kodak Case QuestionsThe team responsible for the Kodak Case will present their answers in a Canvas presentation to be posted by Wednesday of the week the case is due at 10PM (NY) Wed.  Please make your answers concise.  Provide supporting information for your answers but please do not repeat large parts of the case material.  Everyone in the class will have read the case, so there will be no need to review it.  The format of the presentation will be 5-15 PPT slides.  Other members of the class (including the instructor) will ask questions and challenge or applaud your answers to the case questions as the case may be, so be prepared to defend yourself.   Other Teams  Teams that are not presenting will be responsible for answering the case questions in aWord document.  Please make answers concise and do not rehash material in the case.   Please submit your case answers to the Canvas Assignment area before Wed. @10PM (NY)  of the week the case is due.  Please note: If you submit your case after the presenting team has posted their answers, I will not be able to count your case.  Question 1. Evaluate Kodak’s strategy in traditional photography.  Why has the company been so successful throughout the history of the industry? 10%2. Compare traditional photography to digital imaging.  What are the main differences?  Will digital imaging replace traditional photography?  How has the value chain and industry eco-system changed in digital photography relative to traditional photography?  10%3. It’s 1981, you (a leading industry consultant) are called to Rochester by Colby Chandler after the announcement of the Mavica.   They ask you one question – is the film industry dead?  How do you answer?  (Assume you do not have the benefit of knowing what has happened over the past 26 years, but have had the benefit of taking this class and reading about industry transformations, etc.)  15%4. Pre-Fisher Era: Evaluate Kodak’s response to Sony’s introduction of the Mavica in 1981.  Given the information they had at the time, was it appropriate?   In 20-20 hindsight, how would you have done it differently?  20%5. Pre-Fisher Era:  Kodak’s investment in digital imaging R&D produced an array of products including the best digital sensor technology in the world.  Yet the company decided to market only the Photo CD.  Was this the right decision?  10%6. Fisher Era: Fisher arrives from Motorola in 1993 and stays until 1997.  How would you assess Fisher’s attempt to transform Kodak? What did he do?  Why did it fail?  15%7. What are the key themes/lessons learned from this case?  20%

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