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Water is a part of everyone’s life. You need water to drink, take a shower, and so you don’t get too dehydration. Water is not always clean. According to Costplus Water, The process of water purification is the transformation of water from a non-drinkable state to a drinkable state. There are a lot of processes to go through to get the water clean. There are many different types of purifying the water too.

Water comes from several different sources. Some sources of water include groundwater, upland lakes and reservoirs, rivers, canals, and low land reservoirs, atmospheric water generation, rainwater harvesting and fog collection. All of these sources involve the process of disinfecting the water, so it becomes safe to drink.

Before disinfecting the water, it must go through a pre-treatment. The water must be pumped from its source and put into holding tanks. This must be made from appropriate materials and constructed so that contamination does not occur. Next the water must go through a screen filter. This is done by first removing large debris that may interfere with the purification steps. The water must be stored in reservoirs.

Pre-conditioning and pre-chlorination are also part of the pre-treatment process. In pre-conditioning, many of the waters rich in salts are treated with soda-ash (Sodium carbonate) to utilize the common ion effect. In pre-chlorination, the incoming water from plants are chlorinated to minimize the growth of fouling organisms in the tanks. (Pre-chlorination has be largely discontinued today)

According to WiseGeek, flocculation refers to the separation of a solution. Most commonly, flocculation is used to describe the removal of a sediment from a fluid. Some flocculation agents involved in the water purification process are Iron (III) hydroxide, aluminum hydroxide, and aluminum hydroxychloride.

Iron (III) hydroxide is formed by adding a solution of an iron (III) compound to pre-treated water with pH of 7 or greater. It is extremely insoluble and forms even at pH as low as 7. Aluminum hydroxide is also used in the process but there

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