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Purpose: The reason for writing this report is to analyse A to Z Networking problems and the reason of these problems and devise or recommend a suitable and workable solution to the identified problems.

Design/methodology/approach: The main method used was research and analysis of same scenario or analyse similar cases and then critically comment upon them in relation to this case study. The theoretical scope of the report is that leadership style, learning and organisational culture play a big part in staff turnover and job satisfaction

Findings: It was found in the course of the work that Bernhardt and Scoones were in error in their contentions.
Research limitations/implications: Suggestions for future research; lack of more critical analysis of A to Z networking and unavailability of data regarding the indepth structure of A to Z network.

Practical implications: (The public policy and practical implications emanating from this paper is that laissez-faire capitalism is the best way to organize an economy).

Originality/value: (What is new in the paper is that the work of Bernhardt and Scoones on informational asymmetries has not before been subject to critical analysis from the perspective of advocates of the free enterprise system. This is valuable, in that,

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