Develop My Powers of Business Judgment
Essay Preview: Develop My Powers of Business Judgment
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Develop my powers of business judgment.
In making the strategic and operation decision that arise in the business game, we will encounter an array of fairly typical business issues.
Well encounter a need to assess changing industry and competitive conditions, diagnose the strategies of competitors and anticipate their next moves, pursue ways to secure a competitive advantage, evaluate different courses of actions, chart a strategic course for our company to take, and adjust strategic plans in response to changing conditions.

Learn to think strategically
about a companys competitive market position and the kinds of actions it will take to improve it. , thinking strategically about a companys situation and future prospects, developing strategies and revising them in light of changing conditions.

Enhanced the skills in “market-watching” and “competitors-watching”. Besides, the sense of business judgment about how to strengthen a companys competitive position and financial performance will improve.

before we do company activities there should have plan and think strategically on what market should be entered, how many marketing target would be achieved, and how is produced in efficient way to minimize the cost of production.

The business strategy game boosted my understanding of basic revenue-cost-profit relationships.
I get valuable practice in reviewing operating statistics, identifying costs that are out-of-line, comparing the profitability of different market segments, assessing financial condition, and deciding on what remedial and proactive approaches to take.

Finally built my confidence in analyzing the revenue-cost-profit economics of business, help me understand how the functional pieces of a business fit together, and develop

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