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“We all die, the goal isnt to live forever, the goal is to create something that will,” stated Chuck Palahniuk. Two kings, two countries, two different time periods, one triumph. Cyrus the Great and Alexander the Great achieved something that became a significant part of history. They created a legend through their phenomenal power and impact in conquering lands and influencing others. They were both powerful leaders, strategists, and military geniuses. Although the two reigned in different time periods they showed similarities but, also had their own differences as leaders. Which though, in the end was better? Through Cyrus the Greats action, he was regarded as “Father of Iranian nation”, “The Liberator” to Babylonians, and “Anointed of the Lord” to Jews. He was the first leader to be referred to as “the Great”. In addition, he founded the very first empire, and is one of the largest empire mankind has ever seen. On the other hand, Alexander the Great was a determined man who did not let others trampled his dreams. With his driven determination, he was able to conquer most of known world. With this achievement, like Cyrus, he left a legend that became significant to History. These two rulers are both powerful and influential however, even when both rulers are significant there will always be a better one in the eyes of many. Both rulers were wise; they showed tolerance to the people they conquered. They did not employ cruelness but compassion. However, Unlike Cyrus, Alexander was so determined in conquering lands, he lacked vision of the possibilities that may occur later on. Alexander did not institute laws that can benefit his kingdom and after he died at an age of thirty-two, his kingdom was then divided into three states. Certainly, Cyrus the Great was a far better leader than Alexander because of his wisdom to realize that you can not be just be a powerful ruler by the numbers of lands that you conquered, but by the

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