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Republic of the Philippines[pic 1]JOSE RIZAL MEMORIAL STATE UNIVERSITY[pic 2]The Premier State University in Zamboanga del NorteMain Campus, Dapitan CityPPS (POWER PLANT STEAM)Final Exam Second Semester SY 2016Name:                                                         Date:                                 Score:                        Program & Year:                                                                         Rating:                                                   Multiple Choice. Encircle the letter that makes the statement correct. 1. A refrigerated cargo vessel usually require a system provide for various spaces to be cooled to different temp.      (Ap)              a.. Central primary                    b. Brine circulating sys.    c. The brine circulating sys.     d. All given answer2. The three main types of marine air conditioning system, except;      (An)             a. Single duct                               b. Twin duct                       c. Single duct with reheat       d. Controlled atmosphere3. Under charge of a refrigerant on the system will show as a;        (C)             a. High condenser pressure             b. Low compressor pressure             c. Low condenser pressure             d. Not given4. The main system component of refrigeration and air conditioning the function of compressor, except;   (C)             a. It acts as a pump and circulate the refrigerant through the system.             b. It maintain low pressure at the evaporating unit during operation.             c. It compress the low pressure gas to a higher pressure and temperature.             d. It controls the flow of refrigerant. 5. An over charge or excess refrigerant in the system will be seen as a;    (K)            a. Low condenser pressure            b. Low compressor pressure            c. High compressor pressure            d. High condenser pressure 6. Is the device for obtaining mechanical work from the energy stored in steam; (C)            a. Water tube Boiler                b. Reaction turbine              c. Steam turbine                       d. Package boiler7.  Is a means of improving the thermal efficiency of the complete turbine plant. (C)            a. Reheating                              b. Turbine protection          c. Soot blower                           d. Combustion8. Warming through operation or when manouevering, steam will condense and collect in various places within the  turbine and pipe line. (Ap)            a. Heating                                  b. Draining                             c.  Not given                               d. Reheating  9. A system is provided with all installation to prevent damage resulting from internal turbine fault or malfunction of some associated equipment; (C)            a. Control system                   b. Turbine protection              c. Safety system                      d. All given answer 10. Operate in two ways if a tendency  towards a dangerous condition is detected; (Ap)            a. turbo system                      b. Turbine system                    c. Turbo safety system           d. Turbovisory system 11. In steam turbine the nozzle acts to convert heat energy in the steam into; (Ap)            a. Kinetic energy                   b. Potential energy                    c. All given answer                 d. Steam energy12. A shallow dish positioned at the normal water level is connected to; (C)            a.. Whistle stop valve           b. Water level gauge                     c. Scum valve                            d. Blow down valve13. Valves that are fitted on board ship because of their positive action at any inclination. (An)

a. Spring-loaded valves           b. Safety valve                    c. Checked valve                     d. All given answer 14. Is the collection of flaps, vanes etc which surround each burner and is fitted between the boiler casing; (C)           a. Air register                         b. Air flow                                  c. Air shut-off                    d. Air release15. These are the Feed water treatments, except; (K)            a.. By providing anti-foam protection to stop water carry-over.            b. By eliminating dissolved gases and providing some degree of alkalinity which will prevent corrosion.            c. By letting any suspended salts and impurities from sticking to the heat transfer surfaces.            d. Not given16. A rotating cone of tiny oil droplets thus leaves the burner and passes into the ________. (C)           A. Heater                                      b. Filter                           c. Furnace                    d. Pum 17. Steam temperature control is achieved by the use of an _______ located in the steam drum operating between the primary and secondary super heaters ; (Ap)          a. Water wall header           b. Steam drum                            c. Attemperator               d. Down comer18. This valve is fitted in the main steam supply line and usually of the non return type; (K)          a. Scum valve                       b. Aux. Steam stop valve          c. Main steam stop valve  d. Blow down valve 19. Alkaline salts are known as ; (K)          a. Permanent hardness    b. Temporary hardness                c. Scaled hardness               d. Not given20. It serve to convert the high pressure and high energy of the steam into high velocity jet of steam with reduced pressure and energy content;  (Ap)          a. Nozzles                           b. Diaphragms                                c. Rotor                                  d. Blade 21. In this type of boiler, the hot gases pass through the tubes and the feedwater surrounds them. (An)                a. Watertube boiler        b. Fire tube boiler               c. Air tube boiler                   d. Wind tube boiler22. In this type of boiler, the feedwater is passed through the tubes and hot gasses pass over them. (An)a. Wind tube boiler        b. Air tube boiler               c. Watertube boiler                         d. Firetube boiler23. There are no diaphragms fitted and instead fixed blade are located between moving blades ; (C)              a. Impulse reaction          b. Reaction turbine                c. Impulse turbine                     d. Not given; 24. It give a sufficient reserve of refrigerant in the system to cater for various operating condition; (C)          a. Refrigerant drier        b. Delivery oil separator                   c. Liquid receiver                   d. Not given 25. The splitting up, into two or more stages of the steam pressure or velocity change through a turbine; (Ap)              a. Cross compound          b. Velocity compounding      c. Compounding                        d. Not given26. An impulse turbine use a number of stages of nozzle and blade to reduce progressively the steam pressure; (C)           a. Pressure compounding    b. Velocity compounding       c. Cross compound               d. Pressure velocity compound 27. When the turbine is operating ahead the astern blading acts as; (K)           a. Blower                         b. Air compressor                            c. Vent fan                              d. High speed impulse

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