Discussion Questions
Week 3 Part 1 of 4 Chapter 9 Communicating in the Workplace
what suggestions would you offer a new employee to help them effectively communicate in your workplace when meeting face-to-face, sending an email, and during a meeting?

As a rule of thumb I always start off my interaction with all of my newly hired associates I depend on them being able to comfortably communicate with me and the more tenured associates. I suggest and assist all my newly hired associates in introducing themselves to their coworkers so they can become acquainted with the people they will be working with. I also let them know that we have an open door policy, that every question is worth asking, and that there is no reason they should shy away from approaching myself, managers, or any one of their other coworkers.

Week 3 Part 2 of 4 Chapter 9 Communicating in the Workplace
You are preparing to write an informative report to be presented to the management at your workplace. What are some potential needs for the audience that you should be aware of when writing the report? What are the risks of not considering the needs of the audience?

Some of the potential needs for the audience that I should be aware of when writing an informative report are; knowing what the audience already knows, knowing what the audience needs to learn about the subject, and the main thing the audience should be aware of is what I need the audience to take away from the informative report. When the audience knows what is expected of them prior to sitting through the presentation, its kind of like reading the questions that follow a chapter so finding the answers will be easier because you are aware of what needs to be understood.

Week 3 Part 3 of 4 Chapter 10 Communicating in the workplace
What elements are needed to create an effective outline

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