Post Partum Depression
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Stacie Leech
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Mrs. Vince
February 17, 2006
Post Partum Depression
Post partum depression is a mental disorder associated with the aftermath of pregnancy where in, a woman who has recently given birth feels a maternal instinct for her child but may be convinced that she does not posses the ability to be a good mother. This leads a mild to moderate depression, though it’s often curable or with good preparation, avoidable all together.

Post partum depression is also commonly known as the “baby blues”. This disability is caused by changes in the pregnancy hormones. It’s most often present in new first time mothers. About one in 10 new mothers experience some degree of postpartum depression. It can be hereditarily passed through generations or a sporadic event for some women.

These complications usually occur within just days after delivery of the baby, and can continue to last up to even a year later. The symptoms commonly associated with post partum depression are: Sluggishness,

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