Possible Afghan Collapse/civil War
Possible Afghan Collapse/Civil War
I chose the possible Afghan collapse and/or civil war issue going on right now. The Afghan government has been helped get back on their feet by American troops and money but has failed in gaining national trust. Afghanistan could turn into a civil war as U.S. troops are supposed to leave in 2014, with old rivalries re-emerging between the north and south.

Afghanistan could be heading to a war between the Pashtuns, Tajik, Uzbek and Hazara militias. The risk is that Afghan security forces will then split along ethnic lines and President Hamid Karzai, who is accused of being an uncooperative U.S. ally, could become an even greater risk.

I read an article online on which a journalist spoke to some Tajik villagers outside of Kabul in Afghanistan, who promised they would start fighting once American troops are gone. They said they would battle a group of pro-Taliban Pashtun villagers nearby. When asked if Karzais troops would be able to stop a fight, one tribal elder said, “The corrupt government in Kabul? It cant do anything.”

If this does occur, once Obama leaves office and the troops leave in 2014, the dangers of an Afghan issues that will fall apart are : Afghan deaths, a loss of American prestige, a loss of NATO prestige, a moral blow to U.S. troops and veterans, a Taliban will start rebuilding stronger, huge setbacks for women in Afghanstan, and greater power for Pakistan and Pakistani extremists.

The question arrises on how this could be avoided without military actions? I tend to believe the only way to avoid this is with military actions. Keeping a presence in Afghanistan for years to follow until their nation is rebuild to an extent where when we leave the people feel safe and not in harms way any longer.

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