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Paybase, financial payment software, is used by Credit Acceptance Corporation to process its Accounts Payables and transfer its ACH and Positive Pay files to their bank. Combined, these files have a daily average of between $900K-$2M. Paybase is causing the company many problems because of the antiquated processing technique of transferring by modem and not internet then failing in the middle of the process. Files are sent after 4pm and most of the staff, with the exception of the processing staff (A/P), has left for the day. If the file fails, the staff must return to work or try to fix the problem from home (if applicable). Because of this issue, overtime hours are excessive, employee moral is low and there is always the issue of the problem not getting fixed.

Decision Making Model Experience
As the A/P supervisor for CAC and the individual who would stay late almost every night, I felt I needed to be proactive in finding a solution that would alleviate this problem for the department. In addition, overtime hours were excessive and employee moral in my department seemed to be dwindling. As my frustration grew stronger and more obvious, the A/P manager would approach me as to what I would want to do the end the problems and how the best way to go about it was.

The first step was to eradicate Paybase, and then we could A. Purchase new web based software. The modem would no longer be needed and the frustrations

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