Pros and Cons of Fast Food
Nowdays our bodies need a balanced diet to be protected from the many diseases and health problems that are spreading all around the world not even in third-world countries but also in the developmed countries. A balaced diet means many portions of food that contain different nutrients such as vitamins, carbohydrates and fats. But we could also say that with the pace of life in this new century there is no more time for cooking and paying attention to healthy foods. This way we choose to spare time and eat the so-called fast food. But do we really profit from this new fast lifestyle? People are separated in two parts. Some think yes and some think no.

On one hand there are the advantages of eating fast foods. Firstly I can say that this kind of food is very convenient. It is convenient because you can order it whenever you want to eat a hamburger, fried potatoes or stuff like that. It is also convenient because it is “perfect” when you are hungry and you can find it almost anywhere; there is no workplace or school without a fast food restaurant . Secondly I can say that fast food is an easy solution for people who dont prefer eating homemade meals and even for those who dont feel like cooking homemade plates. This way this people dont have to cook or spare useful time . Thirdly I want to mention the fact that that they are pretty cheap.

On the other hand fast food has its own disadvantages. The biggest problem of fast food is that its very easy to find and very accesible for children. During childhood, they need healthy food, not chemicals and saturated fats. They also neeswater or natural juice, not soda. In these days, the extensive use of fast food is making children have weight problems, which involve self esteem related problems like difficulty in playing. Also the sizes of fast food keep increasing, making us more and more dependent on this type of food. In addition, because it is tasty, youll try to

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