League of Legends, Review
League of Legends
League of Legends (LoL) is among the most popular computer games all over the world, with at least a million active subscribers daily. The game involves a team-fight against opponents to destroy their strongholds. It is a technological piece that ‘Riot Games’ compiled in 2009. Although the game is wide in scope and most revered, more work needs to be done on its display properties and map viewing.

Game Description
The Riot Games initiated LoL falls under the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) category of games. According to Donaldson (2017), the game is of the MOBA genre as it engages numerous players in an online platform. Ideally, I think it falls in this category because of its virtual participants; nonetheless, the game would also feature in other genres, such as military warfare or stronghold defense. The LoL is a PC-based program that works over a desktop or laptop computer with a reliable internet connection. The game begins with a player in charge of the full battalion of at least 120 champions with distinctive skills and powers. The setup then allows the user to choose a maximum of five characters with desirable traits and an ability to tackle the tasks ahead. As one keeps making uses of these champions, he or she gains more skills and power and an increase in ranks that include gold, silver, bronze, and master levels. Below are screenshots from the game:

The game’s story is non-structured but focuses on the actions of the champions on the battlefield, and their aided use of multiple skills to outdo their counterparts. The characters are members of an Airship military crew who give their all in achieving the overall objective of the game. Additionally, Park and Seo (2018) reveals that the game utilizes the UI system as the primary technology. My most experiences with the game occur over the programmer’s website, and the components include a keyboard, mouse, and critical thinking abilities. The League of Legends is full of fun and almost addictive; its rules are simple and easy to muster, making it possible for newbies to participate in online gaming.

Game Likes and Dislikes
Having played the game for a while now, I have come to like its graphic, its easy usability, and the fun part too. Although the game does not feature a 3D spectrum, the animated images are colorful and compatible with most computer screens, making its accessibility universal. The basic moves in the play are easy to master as they are only four, including front, back, left, and right movements. The program further provides a list of applicable moves on different characters but allows the user to customize controls to suit his or her liking. Finally, the entire game is adventurous as it invites players to try out the 120 characters and their unique skills in accomplishing similar missions. Nonetheless, I dislike the interface display for its diminished fonts and the hard-to-use map and camera for surveying.

Game Improvements
My recommendation for the developers of League of Legends is that they should ease the use of the map in the game by giving it more screen coverage. Moreover, they should provide additional controls on the camera to allow comprehensive manipulation of all its features. Additionally, the creators ought to design a conspicuous user interface to enable easy visualization and enactment.

The unique aspect of the game that I could take away is how a wide range of characters and individual skills are involved. Notably, the technique makes the game interesting as the user shifts from one character to the next. The latter pushes the user’s attention away from the stagnated theme.

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