Gandi Teachings Reflection
Essay title: Gandi Teachings Reflection
It is natural for people to want things, but if we let our wants get out of hand, things can result in conflict. If we were to eliminate want, we would eliminate suffering in the following ways. Everyone would become equal and there would be no more fighting.

If everyone did not want things and had what they needed to survive, then everyone would live equally. However, if one family lived in poverty, but had no wants, then they would accept the situation they were in and there would be no suffering. Also, if two families met each other, one rich, and one poor, the poor family would never be envious of what the rich family had and they could live together as friends peacefully. By never being jealous of others, we can eliminate fighting.

Many wars are started over jealousy. Jealousy of land, power, or wanting to change the ways of others. With war comes

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