Most Political Sciences Have a Negative View of Military Rule in the Ldcs
Essay Preview: Most Political Sciences Have a Negative View of Military Rule in the Ldcs
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Negative View of Military Rule
Why do most political sciences have a negative view of military rule in the LDCs?
Political sciences believe that military rule in the less developed countries suffered many of the same criticisms of country decay as the government they took over. Some of them also believe that some of the soldiers in office prove to be more corrupt than the people they took the country from. Political science believe that indeed the type of ruler has not seemed to matter when it come to ruling of less developed countries. Political sciences argue the military failed to established custom, economy security or an accepted structure of a stable government or political order. The military are sometime in possession of illegal imports cars and own vacation homes that are paid for by taxes. When many of these military forces first take over they are not planning on being corrupt, but temptation take over with the entanglement of class and kinship. They see fast wealth and tension begin to develop between military rule and civilians. There is also exchange of goods and services for political support. Most time the corruption is because of lack of education on how to run a country and benefits in the long run. All these action cause Political sciences to view military ruling in the less developed countries as negative (Handelman, 2011 p 252-272).

Handelman, H. (2011). Soldiers and Politics. The challenge of third world development (6. ed., pp. 252-272). Boston: Longman.

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