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Crystal Casher
This article is about the switch in the political party roles in the Senate and
the House and the downfall of the Republican Party. It shows that there are
many reasons the voters in the mid-term election decided to switch
majority. This article shows that many voters want to see if the Democratic
Party can change our government and put it in ÐŽoa new direction.ÐŽ± The article
also talks about the coming presidential election and who will be candidates
for each party, since there was such a major switch. I totally agree with the
information in this article. My reasons for voting and voting the way I did are
expressed in this article. The war in Iraq, the corruption with the Republican
Party and the president that acts as if he does not know or care about
whatЎЇs going on in this country were a few reasons named here. The biggest
reason was corruption and everyone involved did not want to confess to
any wrongdoing. After having to listen to lies from our president and hear
the death tolls in the war in Iraq on CNN many people in the right mind
would agree with this article. I feel the article really shows the feelings of
many voters and that the game is now on for the Democratic Party. I pray
that they can pull our country out of the hole the president has dug for us.
An article written by Jonathan Salant titled ÐŽoCulture of Corruption comments

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