Polish Americans
I researched Polish Americans from popular foods, special holidays and arts.
First, according to Dale Anderson, “Polish Americans and others enjoy kielbasa (Polish sausage); pierogi (packets of dough filled with potatoes and other ingredients); and golabki (stuffed cabbage leaves).”(Dale Anderson,2006)So I think Polish Americans would purchase meat and vegetables frequently. It would be profitable that a supermarket sells vegetables, meat and Polish sausage or a restaurant could offer those foods.

Second, there are many beautiful Polish folk arts.There are Polish Paper Cuts (Wycinanki)and pisanki. Pisanki, which is easter egg, is one of them. “In the folk life of Polish people, the pisanki possess talismanic powers. Receipt of a pisanka is not only a token of friendship or esteem but also brings with it protection from harm. People believed that pisanki in the home would bring good fortune, wealth, health, and protection from lightning and fire.”(Polish folk art traditions, n.d.)According to this statement, not only Polish Americans but also others would like to buy these folk arts. So a store that sells these folk arts would be profitable.

Last but not least, Polish Americans have different holidays. Holy Saturday is one of them. “Holy Saturday, theday before Easter, baskets of decorated, boiled eggs, kielbasa, ham, bread, butter in the shape of a lamb, horseradish, vinegar, and other foods are brought to church for a blessing by a parish priest. All the food, which the Poles eat on Easter, is blessed.”(Polish American cultural club, n.d.) I guess these foods would be sold well on this holiday. It is a good opportunity for many stores.

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