The Boy with Angel Wings
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The Boy with the Angel Wings Her body looked cold, almost corpse-like. But her eyes; her warm chocolate brown eyes told another story. She was quietly looking into the vast ocean of trees letting her mind wonder freely into the depths of the invisible world that only she can see. People worry about her; that shes too quiet, that shes too neutral, that she doesnt value her own life. But to me, when you lived as long as her, when youve been spiritually connected to her. Shes a different story altogether. Even if I was a spectator I wouldnt care, and I dont. She turns her soft eyes towards my direction and makes a gentle smile. Shes got an idea. She took her polaroid camera and took a picture of a bird that had seemingly landed on a stone close to some flowers [specify]. After that she stood up and started walking back to her apartment in the busy town of Elk Pine. I followed like I always did and always will. I looked at her walk in to her apartment room and quickly went to her laptop to what I presume she would develop the photograph. She always wanted to be like her father, a famous writer, and create her own worlds where she could escape from reality.

The clock silently ticked away the time as I stared at her slumbering body. What could she be dreaming about? I looked out the window to see the full moon shining through then I heard an ever so lightly gasp. When I look at her that’s when I noticed this night was different from others. She saw me.We both started at each other under the moonlight in silence. That’s when she sat up calmly and asked who I was. She was different, according to movies girls would start screaming and throwing stuff at the stranger but she just kept calm. It just sat there quietly processing and then I looked at my hands and answered, “You can see me?” with a question at first. She calmly nodded hugging her pillow. Then she asked, “Are you an angel?”. I quickly shrugged not knowing the fact that I had a pair of wings on my back. Clearly we were both in shock. In the morning once I more or less explain to her that I’ve always been with her ever since I can remember. I don’t have a name or age or any memory before her. She took her camera and had taken a few pictures of me to make sure I was real, my guess not sure, then sat down to see the pictures more clearly. I sat on the couch watching her pace looking at me. She looked happy and freaked out so I couldn’t really guess what she was feeling until she stopped and looked at me and said, “So you have no memory of anything except me, you know everything of me, you have real wings and….” She stopped briefly thinking something to add. Then asked, “are you hungry?”.  I didn’t notice that for the first time I heard and felt my stomach rumble. Is this how it feels to be hungry?

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