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To volunteer is to undertake something under ones freewill without any form of reimbursement. Volunteers wish to assist others in life, rather than just themselves. The benefit volunteers receive is a mere personal satisfaction in knowing they have helped out others.

Giving blood, volunteer firefighting, and cleaning up litter are just a few examples of ways you can volunteer to better help society and the environment. If you would like to assist the homeless, then you could volunteer in a soup kitchen for the homeless. There are many ways to volunteer which doesnt require much on your part, but for the people it helps, it would mean the world. When you volunteer to give blood, you may be saving a life and not even realizing it. If there was an accident and someone was rushed to the hospital and was in need of blood and happens to be your blood type, and you never donated, they may not have enough blood in storage to help the person. All you would have had to do was painlessly donate some blood and that person would be able to enjoy a full and healthy life.

Volunteering is very much a worthwhile endeavor. Im not saying you have to go join the volunteer fire department or clean up litter on the side of a highway. Even something as easy as giving blood or plasma can save lives. One day I may be in the situation where I am in need of blood, and I hope that people will be considerate enough to donate blood so that I will not run in to conflicts over such an easy task. If you dont like the idea of needles and blood, you can volunteer at your local nursing home and assist in caring for the elderly. You can read to them, listen to their stories, play games, etc. It may not seem like a big deal to you, but for you take time out of your schedule to keep them company, it might make their day. If you enjoy and excel at mathematics, English, or other school subject, maybe you might consider volunteer tutoring some local students. You will not only be helping someones future by improving their grades, but youll be making new friends as well.

Its a pleasant reminder to be shown there are good people in the world, and nothing can demonstrate that like volunteering. To know someone is doing something from the goodness of their heart for the benefits of others. Can you picture a world without volunteers? It would be a world of selfishness and greed. There is always something you can find to volunteer in; you just have to look around. If you have an interest in sports, volunteer to coach a junior sports team, such as t-ball or Biddy Basketball. Thats not only fun and enjoyable, but you are teaching fundamentals of a sport they may grow to be good at. A sport that one day may help them receive scholarships for a higher

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