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Plastic Surgery and How It Effects Self Image
Plastic Surgery and How It Effects Self ImageMichell E. SmithA500.4.4.AB – Annotated BibliographyEmbry Riddle Aeronautical UniversityFebruary 6, 2016AbstractPlastic surgery was primarily created for reconstructive purposes.  But as society continued to perceive it as a cosmetic approach, the direction of goals changed and was redefined into what we know plastic surgery to be today.  With having this “problem solving specialty” available to us, the percentage of women both young and old are growing exponentially with self-esteem issues and body dysmorphic disorders.  The number of women seeking help outside of over-the-counter solutions is ever increasing.  Day spas, Nonsurgical and laser facilities, and the plastic surgery centers have a growing market share that is more than doubling worldwide.Keywords: plastic surgery; cosmetic procedures; self-esteem; reconstructive and aesthetic contentAnnotated BibliographyPlastic Surgery and How It Effects Self ImagePlastic surgery began as an answer for reconstructive surgery, gaining momentum after the world wars.  As the industry developed, the aesthetic aspect became a prime focus.  And as women of all ages continue to be told “this is how you should look”, there is a growing percentage of body dysmorphoria and other disorders evolving.Bushak, L. (2015). 1 In 5 American Women Consider Plastic Surgery: Body Image         Issues Aren’t Only For Young Girls. Medical Daily. Retrieved February 6, 2016         from

Body dysmorphic disorder (BBD) is not just confined to young girls surrounded by media and the skinny girl hype.  85 percent of women aged 55-64 say they’re unhappy with at least one area of their body.  One in five women say they had considered or planned on having plastic surgery.  If it wasn’t for debt and fear of complications, many of these women would go through with the procedures.  BBD is when a person believes their appearance is defective.  This can in turn create eating disorders or plastic surgery.  Lecia Bushak is a writer and reporter focusing on medical, science, and international news.  This article was helpful in showing that body image doesn’t only effect young women, but women of all ages.Nip-and-tuck shops. (2014, Apr). The World Today, 70, 53. Retrieved from

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