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NFL Leadership Essay Kirk Chambers, Bethany Golden, Alfreda GloversLDR/300Mr. AblayaDecember 19, 2016NFL Leadership EssayThe National Football League is one of the largest organizations in the history of sports.  It take a special kind of leader with a multitude of skills to be able to run an organization on such a large scale. Some of his or her abilities will be natural of course, the upbringing and education of that person will play a major role in how he or she performs throughout life.  If the vice president of human resources has approached your team for assistance in recruiting and developing your organization’s future leaders, you must have a plan of action in place, this plan will be executed through an extensive amount brainstorming and research.  Once you’ve done research on what players are in the marketplace and which ones to choose, then you must research their skillset and what they will offer the organization as a whole.  Ex. The height, weight, speed, agility, flexibility, motivation and aggressiveness of each player. What fit is a good fit is the ultimate key to having a successful team. Leading and building this organization will take a strong leader with a strong skillset, good commination and superb work ethics.  Once you have identified your style of leadership and your teams understands you, it’s time to build.  Knowing your leadership traits only makes you more qualified to lead your team to victory.

A modern manager must perform many functions.  Four of the most important are planning, decision making, leading and controlling. You must have a various degree of concern for both people and work for these traits to be employed. Why are these steps important? During the planning phase, you must sit down with your people, review the organization as a whole and get reactions, ideas and commitments from each team member. The setting of goals, timelines and providing feedback will be the responsibilities of all parties. These few steps will allow you to set quotas and properly manage the team. When you make a decision, stick with it, always leave room for error if a problem arises, never have just one solutions for a problem.  Discuss decisions with those who will be affected by them, give them facts from your point of view and in turn get facts from them. Having a mutual understanding of things will help. Once your plans have been determined, keep up with the progress of each player, contribute your time and effort to cleaning up any issues within the organization that they may have. Once the work has started, if any problem or changes need to be made, make them on the spot, evaluate their performance, then provide correction and praise, this will be another key factor to building trust among you and the organization.

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