Get Smoother, Clearer Skin
Essay Preview: Get Smoother, Clearer Skin
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By: Susana Saenz
Who likes clear skin
Have you used every single product there is that supposedly cures acne? Im sure everyone who unfortunately has acne would answer yes to this question. Everyone knows that acne is not very attractive and you get outbreaks just before a special day and not when youre at home relaxing. However, there is one product that cures acne and its affordable and convenient.

Im a girl who takes care of her skin, so it is really frustrating when I get pimples, even if its just one. So I started noticing that the pimples I had didnt go away, even after using product after product that supposedly cured acne, but none worked. Then I bought a product called Proactiv and the transformation that Ive had from it has been the best

thing that has happened to me. Its given
me back my self-confidence and I dont
Susana Saenz is a freshman at North Oldham High School.
have to be embarrassed by my skin anymore. I heard about Proactiv when I was watching television and I saw an infomercial on a product called Proactiv.

I watched it because celebrities like Jessica Simpson, Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, and Alicia Keys endorse it. That made me think that it was a good product and that it actually worked. The infomercial also talked about how Proactiv is the number one selling acne product. It also showed “before” and “after” pictures of real people who have used Proactiv. A picture I mostly remember is one with a teenage girl who had pimples all over her face and the “after” picture showed that her face was very clear. Therefore, I decided to call the number and order it.

When my Proactiv kit was delivered, I was excited because I wanted to try it as soon as possible to see if it worked. The kit came with a renewing cleanser (which gently exfoliates dead skin cells and other impurities), a revitalization toner (which removes dead skin cells and impurities that can clog pores and it balances your skin tone), a repairing lotion (which heals blackheads and blemishes and helps prevent future breakouts), and a

refining mask (which gently removes impurities and refines skin texture). Most of these contain

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