China First Globalistic Company
China First Globalistic Company
[pic 1][pic 2]SUMMARY:CHINA is the worlds no:1 country in population and it was also having many imports and exports all over the world particularly in ASIA. But how china got this standard in imports and exports and how they started global capitalism is the main theme of this presentation. CHINA was having many entrepreneurs who are already doing various kinds of  businesses in it. But that is all about capitalism in china. But how come china known that they are having enough strength in performing global capitalization also??LENOVO was the company which started global capitalization 1st from china. This was the most succeeded company which motivated many other companies in china to do global capitalization. LENOVO was started by YANG YUANQING who was a china entrepreneur. He really worked hard and he had taken every opportunity that would help him to raise the standard of his company and finally taken Lenovo to the top position in manufacturing pc’s by overcoming all the obstacles they faced. This case study is the success story of Lenovo company and it also tells us how china stepped in to the global capitalization with the inspiration of Lenovo.ABOUT LENOVO COMPANY :        Lenovo was a laptops manufacturing company which was started by YANG YUANQING in china. 1st it was a small company and was not having any support regarding to technical side. So it was always used to run in losses or in little profits. But later on one incident turned the status of Lenovo. That is nothing but combining with IBM.                When IBM announced to sell maximum amount of its shares to any other company then immediately Lenovo chairman yang responded to their decision. He purchased some of the shares in the company and also taken help of some of the persons those who are already working in the IBM and made a deal with the company and then started producing all the laptops and tabs by using the resources provided by IBM.

Even though they faced many obstacles in the form of competitors who are already there in the field of manufacturing pc’s Lenovo introduced many strategies and finally achieved the top position in the field of pc’s manufacturing.[pic 3]CHALLENGES FOR LENOVO COMPANY :        How yang managed to defy the stereo type of chinese manager??How yang and amelio operate as a TAG TEAM??What problems are presented in blending 2 national cultures??How they are organizing the company??SOLUTIONS & PROPOSED SUGGESSTIONS BY APPLYING MANAGING CONCEPT :        Yang has made every step of him very carefully in the matters of Lenovo. He didn’t missed even a single opportunity that helps to raise the standards of the company. After combining with IBM also he used his own strategies to develop the company. From the moment he was tapped at the age of 29 to shake up the struggling pc unit of Lenovo predecessor company. Today he was emerging as the first of hybrid class of a leader in china’s manufacturing operations.         Many of the companies who are already in the field of manufacturing pc’s became a competition to the Lenovo company even after it was combined with IBM company to raise its standards. But then Lenovo chairman yang and amelio who was from IBM developed a new strategy named “TRANSACTIONAL MODEL” and even Lenovo was the 1st company which introduces the touch model laptop and pc’s to the market this really attracted many customers towards Lenovo.        Chinese products are having more demand in the market as they are of cheap cost but there was also a belief that china products are not much trusted products they are easily breakable and also damageable. But apart from all these problems Lenovo made their products in such a way that their marketing values dominated many companies and made Lenovo stood in no:1 position.

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