The Physical Environment of the School
Essay Preview: The Physical Environment of the School
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Name: John Brown
Age: Thirteen (13)
Sex: Male
Community: Smiths Ville
South Bay
School: Smiths Primary and Junior high
NOTE: The above names (name, community and school) are made up.
The physical environment of the school comprises of one tree which is a large cotton tree over hanging the marl playing field at the back of the school. The schools campus is very small with a total of five different buildings located on it. There is a main building which is the administrative offices to the front of the school and there is also another building for the staff room. There is a building that that is a house where two male teachers live. The Technology Lab is made from a metal container and the reading center also called the Library is quite small and is located next to the big cotton tree. The students bathroom is also located at the extreme back of the school next to the grade seven blocks. Each classroom on the campus has a garbage bin. The school has one big gate at the front next to the main road and that gate is used for both entrance and exit. There is also one dog on the campus that seems to be the protector of the school.

Beneath the cotton tree is a netball court not an official one as it is make of marl and is not marked out. There is neither football court nor goal post and Physical Education class is held in that area. Benches are underneath the tree were students eat their lunch. In the school yah only the path ways are concrete the rest is covered with marl. The Home Economics lab and the grade eight and nine classrooms are joined together. The schools campus is always clean. The school is not properly secured with walls as a lot of the wall is broken down. They are currently having a block drive to fence the entire school property. The walls are nice written up with quotes, pictures and other facts about Jamaica hence the school has a print rich environment. There are only two vendors selling on outside the schools gate. The principal explained to us that they try to get rid of the vendors but all efforts were revoked. As a result of those vendors the schools tuck shop is suffering, the school is even considering to close it down The environment is kept clean and in good condition as the janitors along with students clean every evening after school.

Everybody knows everybody on campus. The social environment of the school is one of harmony. Since the physical environment is so small it forces everyone to interact in some way or another and so there is a close relationship among everyone that is a part of the schools population. Entering the schools campus students and teachers are busily moving about going to their respected places. The students fear the principal as they view her as an authoritarian. They are constantly on the lookout for the principal although she can be really nice because her office is always open to them. On our first observation day the principal was absent but the vice principal gave us an overview of the school and its operations. She also stated that they will be appointing prefects and peer councilors the next coming week. Some of the teachers seem to be somewhat authoritarian but not so much so as the principal while others tend to be authoritative. The teachers and principals were very warm and welcoming. It felt as if we were in the school system for many years. There is also a bond between the students in each grade from seven to nine, the school is a big family and teachers and students work well with each other.

The classrooms doors are located opposite to each and come classes are parted with chalkboard. The classrooms are of a good size with good lighting and ventilation however because of the location the classes can be very hot at times. Some of the desks and chairs are in good condition (fairly new) and others could do well with some replacement. The classrooms are neatly arranged majority of the time. Some of the whiteboards in the classroom are in a deplorable condition as they are scratched all over and some classrooms contain chalkboards. On the wall in the classrooms quotes and creative drawings are there creating a print rich environment. There are windows on both sides of the classrooms. The flooring is always clean as students are always on duty to sweep the classrooms.

Students within each class have a bond. They are courteous towards each other; caring and sharing. Everyone is a friend of everyone. There is also a close bond between the teachers and the students and so lessons are interactive and students feel comfortable hence the environment is conducive to learning. The social environment of the classroom is tranquil. There is common respect between teachers and students as well as among the students themselves though sometimes they are disrespectful to each other. They sometimes mimic each other and make silly comments. The students sometimes are noisy but if they see the principal they will automatically be quiet. Good student-teacher relationships exist within the classroom.

Physical development in adolescence includes a growth spurt as the body fills out, voice changes (especially in males), and an increase in sex hormones. Secondary sex characteristics, such as breasts in females and beards in males, appear. Girls first menstruation usually occurs between the ages of 11 and 14. John is 13 years old hence he is at the adolescence stage or the puberty stage. Adolescence is the transition period from childhood to adulthood, a period that brings sometimes tumultuous physical, social, and emotional changes. Adolescence begins with the onset of puberty and extends to adulthood, usually spanning the years between 12 and 20. Puberty is the period during which the reproductive system matures, a process characterized by a marked increase in sex hormones. At this stage he may begin to grow puberty hair, his voice has begun to get deeper, his muscles are developing. John was a little over the average height of a child in his age group, body weight

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