The Philosophy of Value, the Value of Philosophy
Essay Preview: The Philosophy of Value, the Value of Philosophy
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There are many striking points and concepts on the reading “The Philosophy of Value, The Value of Philosophy” by Manuel B. Dy Jr. These points and concepts include national reconstruction, damaged culture, moral recovery and alike. These concepts are, nevertheless, a heavy topic for me to contemplate or ponder on. Although, for me, there is something deeper that causes those concepts to arise. The concept and point that I chose to focus on are sometimes overlooked and ignored because for some, these are only minute and unimportant details. But for me, I believe that without solving this point, there will never be a national reconstruction therefore making our culture a “damaged culture” all the more.

The word “Values” is the point I find the most striking. This is what I believe the root cause of all the immoral actions that people have done that damaged our culture. Sometimes, this word is overlooked by people. For them, they feel that they may have known the real meaning of the word “Values” but in the real essence, few people only know the real “worth” of the word “Value”. I myself thought before that I know such, until I read the article. It is like discovering something new to an old English word. Allow me to summarize my new discoveries about it.

First, I learned that values are for human being as a person, values call for a free response from a person. It is experienced by men and women and there will be no experience of such if it is not willed by the human being. Second, values are not created but discovered by the person in involvement with the world, which means values are just there even before we were born. Its just the matter of how we find it out through all the challenges, problems and conflicts that well encounter throughout our journey in life. And this would test our character as a person; its either we would stand for our known value to do good or just do evil for the benefit of ourselves. And third, values, especially higher values, call upon the person and when the person fails to respond to a value, it is not the value that is destroyed but the person himself. This generates the ought-to-be and ought-to-do attitude.

Let me bond all these three points regarding “Values” to first, the business world since I will soon be facing this kind of world when I graduate and second, our culture -for example, the value of Honesty. In the real business setting, many top and big companies shut down and had a bad reputation because they did

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