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DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY1ST ICTC18TH COMBAT SUSTAINMENT SUPPORTBATTALION CMR 415 APO, AE 0911420151104MEMORANDUM FOR RECORDPFC Stanfords Separation Under AR 635-200I am SPC York A 92G Food Culinary Specialist has been in the United States Army since 2013. I have served and trained over 50 soldiers in the dinning facility and, I am currently team leader of 4 soldiers in my immediate section.I meet PFC Stanford at here at Tower Barracks Grafenwöhr Germany, April 2013. He was stationed at our current duty station two months before I was. The both of us were assigned to different units, but we work together I the dinning facility, and PFC Stanfords work performance has always be above and beyond the standard. I am also aware of PFC Stanfords Situation causing his separation from the military.

I feel the service member is a virtuous young man, but still has growing to do like us all. I have spent a great deal of time with PFC Stanford, and I am aware of his personality in and out of uniform. On a the scale of one to ten I give PFC Stanford an eight. Reason being an eight and not a ten is because his heart is for the people close to him, but his mind has an odd way of protecting them, instead of using reason he retaliates with aggression and not always verbal. PFC Stanford is one of the most  formidable soldiers I have served with.I would take PFC Stanford back in my military because of his aspect on life and the personnel around him. I am a living example of his heart of gold. I was low on funds, and couldn’t offered baby formula. PFC Stanford was the only person I could depend on at this time. I was ashamed to ask, but it was for my son. Not only did PFC Stanford pay for the baby food, but he picked it up for me. When the time came around for me to pay him back he got an attitude and said you dont owe me a thing.I have embraced PFC Stanford’s character and truly feel that he just needs some counseling to assist him and his iniquity of prudence when it comes to his battles, or anyone close to him. If behavioral health does not do him any good then his discharge should be honorable.

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